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I'm Amy Longmoore, Owner and Business Builder 

I started this business because I have a passion and desire to see others succeed in their own businesses and help them grow along their journey.  As a Business Builder, my focus is to provide you with the most relevant information to succeed and deliver to you results that exceed your expectations! 

What Can I Do For You?

Your business is not like any other - even within the same industry.  Competitors will always exist and there are only three ways to truly grow your business - and I can tell you how!  Sure, I work with businesses to create magical transformations, but the secret to success is embracing that change! 

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Administrative Support

Let us become your personal warrior for the tasks that need attention but are too cumbersome to dedicate time to.

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Customer Support

The customer's perception is your reality - let us help you make the best impression!

Business Maps & Planning

Transform your current business plan or let us create the journey with you.

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Platform Digital Marketing

Certified unique branding experts to enhance your website, social media and email strategy.

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Data & Research

We collect the most relevant data for you and produce digestible reports to deliver results. 

Payroll - Bookkeeping

Let our Quick Books certified team help ease your mind with competence, confidentiality and timely reporting.

Trusted by Companies and Entrepreneurs
Throughout the Country

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Let's Take Your Business to the Next Level

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Organized and Efficient

"She overhauled all the systems and improved every facet of the business that she touched.  She has boundless energy and cares deeply about doing the best possible job."

Heather Lockwood

Touchstone Advisors

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Flexible and Committed

"She is a big picture thinker with an eye for detail and proper execution...she also brought a very human element to our planning and decision making with a focus on the staff and improving their work experience."

David Urso

Kendal at Hanover

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Creative & Resourceful

"Her strategic thinking, organizational skills, and attention to detail will be the driving force needed to assist any company of moving forward into a growth pattern."

Deborah Agrafojo

M&A Advisor